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Diet Nuggets & Wisdom Appetizers ~ Comments

"Wow! Each day I read a "nugget", I feel as if I have my own personal encourager speaking words into me from a fellow friend who uses God's words to inspire. With such a tough struggle for many, Kathy uses her own personal experiences and what she has gained from them to pour back into others. I highly recommend this daily encouragement!!!"

"Ms. Kurlin knows what to say and how to say it. The writing is entertaining and full of wisdom. An ounce of encouragement is just what we all need to keep our attitude in check - and this books offers just that!"

"When you hear the word "Diet Book," you think, "Oh, great another diet book to tell me how to look thin." Well if you think that this book is going to tell you that, then you are sadly mistaken. Diet Nuggets and Wisdom Appetizers: 365 Days of Encouragement for Dieters, is just what the title says! They are just that, nuggets of encouragement for us ladies who struggle with the need for weight loss or the need to keep off the weight loss. Each day as I read a devotion, it makes me think about how I have been seeing food all my life and how I feel food comforts me during the rough patches of life. I am very thankful for Kathleen Kurlin to share her book using her own personal stories with food and exercise struggles and how with letting God be a part of these times, it brought her closer to the Lord. I highly recommend this book to anyone in need of some encouraging words during your "diet moments" in life! Kathleen Kurlin has such a great sense of humor, you will look forward to each new day as you read along."

The Name ~ Comments

"This is the second book I have read by Ms. Kurlin. Her first book, Her Father's Eyes was great and had me hooked after reading just the first few paragraphs. Her second book, The Name is excellent. It made me laugh, cry, and just smile at the wonders of life. This is a great read that will grab you in the first few sentences. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and will read it again. I cannot wait for her third book. Ms. Kurlin is an excellent author and her prolific writing style brings characters, landscape, and food, to life. This book is an exciting story of a family struggling to deal with sorrow and brokenness, yet slowly learning how to trust in The Name." - Christina

"The Name gripped me from the start and never let hold of me, even after landing on the last page. At times, I found myself grinning and chortling at various points in the storyline. At other junctures, I was reduced to a streaming bucket of tears. The author possesses an uncanny gift of unfolding a story -- the novel storyboard is an easel she paints and fills out in such a vivid manner, it as if you are viewing the same vision conjured by the author or being transported directly into the mind of one of the novel characters. I am fumbling to describe the talent here, but in reading, I do not believe I have ever read a fiction author so deftly describe both foreground and setting. I swear, I could sense the smells, sights, sounds, etc.... in the story"

"This is the second book by Ms. Kurlin that I have read, the first being Her Father's Eyes. Both books are excellent and recommended for the reader searching for a spiritual experience. Kurlin is a very good writer, with well developed characters, good descriptions, interesting dialogue, and good story development. I enjoy reading her writing." - Elizabeth

"I was given this book to read from a friend and I wasn't sure what to expect at first, as I have never read a Christian Fiction book before. I just finished this book "The Name" and it was awesome! If you in enjoy fiction books and want to learn how praying "in the name" can get you results in your life, this is the perfect book. It made made smile, laugh and also bring tears to my eyes. The story line was well written and I felt I was part of story being there as I read it. I also love how it is based in Arizona, as I am native here. This is a must read book and I promise you won't be disappointed, I couldn't put the book down! Looking forward to reading Kathleen's other book
Her Father's Eyes next." - Cory

Her Father's Eyes ~ Comments

"Every woman can identify with Kitty in one way or another. What a wonderful job portraying a common woman on the road to redemption!" - Michelle

"This a beautiful book about a great adventure and God's love and the most fun I expect to have reading a book this year!" - Eddie 

"This book was absolutely beautiful. One of those books that grabs you from the first sentence and makes it so hard to put down until you've finished it. I laughed out loud and sobbed uncontrollably. This book is not only entertaining it is thought provoking and inspiring. I can not wait to read her second book!" - Mona

"This book is a beautiful reminder of what we (should) all hold dear - our relationship with Jesus Christ."

"I enjoyed reading Her Father's Eyes. The author has a wonderful way of bringing the reader into the main character's life. The main theme is universal: self-esteem associated with weight. Many readers will come away with an enlightened view of their own lives. I like to read, and write, inspirational stories. I recommend Her Father's Eyes." - Elizabeth

"Riveting! I was hooked after the first few chapters. This book inspired me to rethink my life and its purpose." 

"This book is outstanding! You will absolutely love it! I do not normally read fiction books, but was hooked on the first few pages. You will laugh, cry, and just totally identify with Kitty. Must read!" - Christina

"This book was a gift that was given to me, and I recently had the opportunity to read it as I was on staycation. In the midst of my own personal trials and prayers that I have been lifting to god, I was overcome with my own revelations as I read the 'heart' of kitty o'connell and her personal life struggles. Kurlin provided a truly insightful perspective on how we view ourselves and how we can choose to live in a bondage of those lies. This was one of the best christian fiction books I have read where I have come away with such profound impacts and insights it has given to me in my own life... ah-mazing." - Jeni