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If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise.
~Johann von Goethe

To write or not to write – isn’t even a question for me. I simply must write because it is what God has created me to do. The ideas come faster than I can put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and the words fill my head to overflowing.  

Diet Nuggets and Wisdom Appetizers
365 Days of Encouragement for Dieters

Diet Nuggets and Wisdom Appetizers

Doodle Diving …

Silly me, thinking that Cheez Doodles could ever fill the void of a child going away to college. Many of us know from past personal experience, when your heart is aching you’ll pretty much throw anything at it to stop the pain. Apparently yesterday’s pain needed Cheez Doodles.

My sudden nose dive into a medium size bag of Cheez Doodles was triggered by the sight of my youngest daughter driving away yesterday – her car packed full to overflowing, heading off to college and her new life 120 miles away from Mom and Dad.

Good Lord! Who is that crazy woman foaming orange at the mouth?

I’ve had enough experience in bingeing bonanzas and proper protocol for the dazed and confused behavior of the significantly depressed to know how to respond. You simply get up, dust the crumbs and carnage from your chest, locate a good cleaning solvent to sand-blast the evidence from your fingers, you brush your teeth banishing the taste of your debauchery from your mouth and you move forward.

Read an excerpt from the book.

Her Father's Eyes

Her Father's EyesThe idea for my first book, Her Father’s Eyes, came to me quite literally one morning while I was on the treadmill, cooling down – with a Scooby Doo lollipop in my mouth. A morbid thought suddenly occurred to me that were I to slip and fall I’d likely knock myself unconscious on the 10-pound free weights strewn about the floor. And that’s when I realized what a great short story the idea would make.  

Writing the short story, however, left me wanting more and so an entire novel was birthed from one random thought. Once the story started flowing, I felt God pushing me to go deeper and uncover some long buried skeletons from my troubled past. While the story is largely fictional, there are so many parallels to Kitty O’Connell and myself. The characters are a compilation of countless people I have known. Much of the book is taken from stories people have shared with me, including my own mother’s actual near-death experience and many actual events from my own life. But a writer must keep her secrets and always leave her readers guessing so you’ll simply have wonder what is truth and what is fiction

The Name

The NameDo you dream in color or black and white? My dreams are vivid and intense and oftentimes too amazing to describe. The Name came to me in one such dream – or should I say three separate dreams that occurred over the course of a week. All three were very specific about the power available to us by calling on The Name of the Lord, and simple, child-like faith. When I awoke from the third dream, I could see the entire book from start to finish like I was watching a movie unfold. I very clearly heard God telling me that these three dreams were to be my next book.  

Over the many months it took me to complete the story, God continually gave me many more dreams reminding me of my goal, urging me to stay on task and not get side-tracked by changing the story.  

At one point when I was getting bogged down with challenges that were stealing my focus and I found myself questioning whether I’d really heard from God, He reminded me that He gave me three dreams for a reason. That prompted me to do a word search in the Bible for the number three. What I discovered was enough confirmations to re-ignite my excitement and give me the inspiration I needed to finally complete the story.

Writing this book brought so much joy to my life, I was sad to see the story end! I loved these characters so much and felt such kinship with them, that I went through a couple of weeks of withdrawal when I was done with the book. These people felt like family to me. I love all these characters so much that I’m thinking maybe someday I’ll work on a sequel. In the meantime – I hope you will fall in love with these people as much as I did! 

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