Diet Nuggets and Wisdom Appetizers
365 Days of Encouragement for Dieters

Have you ever wanted daily inspiration to help you along your weight loss journey? Diet Nuggets and Wisdom Appetizers is not another diet book, but written to provide little bites of wisdom and daily nuggets of encouragement to those struggling to lose weight and gain freedom over food addictions and eating disorders. Written by a “regular woman” who has been there, this book isn’t meant to be a cure-all but a companion guide for those needing daily enlightenment while travelling the difficult road of weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes on a journey that leads to a positive self-image and a closer walk with God.

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The Name

Born ten weeks prematurely, Kaydee James is a little girl whose very existence defies medical science. Kaydee survives against all odds in a decade where medical miracles aren’t a commonplace occurrence. The miracle child becomes the object of much concern and fascination once it’s discovered she possesses supernatural abilities allowing her to communicate with the Creator of the universe. Kaydee’s special gift allows her to avert natural disasters and battle against supernatural forces simply by calling on the Name of the Lord.  

Kaydee’s older brother, John Jesse becomes the forgotten child living in his sister’s shadow. His family’s sudden cross-country move finds his family unexpectedly thrust into a strange new life as farmers in the desert of Arizona. A series of tragedies and hardships force John Jesse to wage war against not only the unexpected elements but unnatural powers of darkness seeking to extinguish the light of hope Kaydee’s gift brings to their small desert community. 

The Name is a powerful story of good versus evil set against the backdrop of the wildness and beauty of the harsh southwest desert. It is a story to remind us all that big gifts come in small packages and contain immeasurable power when the driving force behind the gift is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Her Father's Eyes

When housewife, Kitty O'Connell, a woman obsessed with diet and exercise suffers a freak treaddmill accident, she is suddenly thrust into the afterlife and forced to relive her abusive past and revisit the tragic relationships that robbed her of a normal childhood and left her emotionally scarred and broken. In a self-absorbed society fixated on superficial outer beauty, Kitty is convinced if she could just lose those last 10 pounds, life will be perfect. A confrontation with her Heavenly Father forces her to see herself through God's eyes, shattering every belief she ever had regarding her self-image and her faith in Christ.

Will Kitty triumph over her tragedies with this new opportunity, or will the demons of her secret past defeat her once again? HER FATHER'S EYES is a book that will have you laughing one moment and reaching for a tissue the next, but ultimately will transform you and leave you wanting more of God and questioning how He truly sees you. 

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